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Oral immunotherapy shows promise for treating peanut allergiesFood allergies affect many children, with peanut allergies being the most prominent and recognized. Fears over accidental exposure have led some parents to homeschool their kids, despite the fact that many schools across the United States are now “peanut-free” zones.
Acetaminophen comparable to ibuprofen in children with mild persistent asthmaResults of observational studies and posthoc analyses have engendered concern among clinicians about the use of acetaminophen (Tylenol) in children with asthma.
Nasal cytology: An untapped diagnostic toolAlthough still underused among available diagnostic procedures, nasal cytology is viewed by many specialists as an indispensable adjunctive diagnostic exam that clinicians can and should use more often to optimally diagnose, treat, and manage the myriad of nasal disorders and diseases occurring in pediatric patients.
Small-particle inhaled corticosteroids: Paradigm shift in asthma treatmentNew research suggests that the use of small-particle inhaled corticosteroids as a first-line or step-up therapy for uncontrollable asthma in children would be more helpful in clearing symptoms and preventing exacerbations than traditional treatment approaches such as large-particle inhaled corticosteroids with or without the addition of long-acting beta 2 agonists.
Risk factors for severe allergic rhinoconjunctivitisThe risk of severe rhinoconjunctivitis among school-aged children is significantly increased by comorbid eczema, maternal history of allergic diseases, and exposure to high pollen counts, whereas living with fur-bearing pets during infancy appears to be protective, according to the findings of a nationwide Japanese online survey
In utero vitamin D exposure reduces childhood allergic rhinitis riskResults of a recently published study show higher intake of food-based vitamin D by expectant mothers reduces the risk of childhood allergic rhinitis.
Chronic cough: Watch for "red flags"
Chronic cough: Watch for "red flags"As complex as it is common, chronic cough in children presents diagnostic and treatment challenges that are complicated by a dearth of solid data and, often, the anxieties of well-meaning parents.
How school nurse training makes allergic kids saferA single training session on food allergy for school nurses can improve their response to allergic reactions in children for a sustained period, a new study reports.
Anti-TSLP antibody shows promise for treating allergic asthmaTargeting TSLP (thymic stromal lymphopoietin), a cytokine that is produced by epithelial cells in response to proinflammatory stimuli and drives allergic inflammatory responses, with an anti-TSLP agent reduces allergen-induced bronchoconstriction and indexes of airway inflammation, a new study shows.