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Clinical Pharmacology

RA medications require unique cost considerationsWhen it comes to managing rheumatoid arthritis drugs, cost comes in various sizes and shapes.
Evolving research improves lymphoma diagnosis, treatmentAs researchers uncover biomarkers for cancer subtypes, collaboration between researchers, pathologists and physicians will improve accurate diagnosis of lymphoma subtypes.
Expert reviews myeloma combo treatmentsMyeloma combination treatments get the once-over by leading cancer expert.

FDA approves first immunostimulatory antibody for multiple myelomaAn oncology expert at ASH will present extended follow-up and overall survival data from ELOQUENT-2, the study on which Empliciti is approved.
First generic MS drug could have big impactFDA’s approval of the first generic version of Copaxone for treating patients with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis has industry insiders contemplating the impact on the generics market as well as payer coverage strategies.
Adverse tiering to deter costly patients comes under fireCritics charge that the practice of adverse tiering to deter costly patients is violating the Affordable Care Act's coverage mandate.

New model for managing specialty pharmacy aims to improve quality at a reduced costBoth public and private purchasers are in an important position to act as catalysts of change in managing specialty pharmacy.
Increasing regulations could raise managed drug plan costsIncreasing unnecessary regulations on drug plans could inflict higher costs on the 220 million Americans who get their medications through a managed drug plan, according to a new report.