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Bright Futures update focuses on health promotion, social determinantsWhen it comes to setting the tone for wellness, health promotion, and disease prevention, Bright Futures is a valuable resource for both clinicians and families.
Tuberculosis: What to do and when to call for helpWhile tuberculosis is not something all pediatricians see in daily practice, it remains a threat in some populations, and pediatricians should be aware of the risk factors and diagnostic recommendations.
Hematuria and proteinuria: Commonplace or cause for concern?Although pediatricians should no longer be routinely performing universal urine screenings in children, there are times that urinalysis is performed and abnormal results are found.
Bullied teens are more likely to access a loaded gunGuns already contribute to too many injuries and deaths among teenagers, and a recent report suggests that adolescents who are bullied at school might be more likely to access a loaded gun than their peers.
Getting ready for AAP 2017!The staff of Contemporary Pediatrics is all packed and ready to depart for the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference & Exhibition in Chicago, Illinois, September 15- 19. While there, we’ll be bringing you daily reports on sessions of value to your practice.
Breastfeeding may offer early protection against ear infectionsBreastfeeding is already known to offer a number of health and developmental benefits. Now, an Australian study is adding ear infection prevention to that list.
Dental problems may play a role in RAOMPediatricians may want to consider taking a look inside the mouth of a child with recurrent acute otitis media. A new study from Italy reveals that repairing dental malocclusion may have positive effects on a child’s eustachian tube function and the number of episodes of acute otitis media (AOM) they have.
Parents still sway HPV uptake in undergradsFor whatever reasons, uptake of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine in the teenaged years is mediocre, but do the college years offer new opportunities for healthcare providers to encourage the vaccine? Maybe not, according to a new study.
Parents rely on pediatricians for teen vaccine remindersCompliance with recommended immunizations among adolescents is not the best, but what may be more startling is the fact that most parents don't even realize that their child is missing vaccines.
Should surgery be standard of care in uncomplicated appendicitis? (VIDEO)For Contemporary Pediatrics, Dr Bobby Lazzara discusses a large study published in Pediatrics that examined what happened when children were nonsurgically managed for appendicitis, often with antibiotics, and compared the results with their peers who had received surgical treatment.