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Contemporary Pediatrics, Jan 01,2005


Gambling and children: Betting against the future of young lives

BY:Richard M. Buchta, MD, Donald W. Black, MD, Renee M. Turchi, MD, MPH

Gambling among youth is an underrecognized problem. To prevent serious consequences of this activity over the short term and during adulthood, the authors recommend that you screen patients for a gambling habit and refer those in whom you uncover cause for concern.


Severe brain injury: Helping patient and family on the long road back

BY:James A. Blackman, MD, MPH

Traumatic brain injury affects virtually every aspect of the patient's—and family's—life. Here's what to expect in the aftermath and how to help the family deal with the often overwhelming demands of rehabilitation and return to home and community.


New! Recommended childhood immunization schedule for 2005


Probiotics ameliorate GI symptoms related to atopic dermatitis

BY:Michael G. Burke, MD


Pharmaceutical industry under fire


Eye on Washington

BY:Judith Asch-Goodkin

Hunger, sex education, and the hunt for more flu vaccine


Weekend atropine effective for amblyopia

BY:Michael G. Burke, MD


Clinicians miss the mark—way wide—when gauging teens' substance abuse

BY:Michael G. Burke, MD


Reduced hours mean fewer serious medical errors by interns

BY:Michael G. Burke, MD


Seventy-five years of caring: Happy Birthday, AAP!


Parent guide: A brief but important talk on a "hot topic": Your child's fever (PDF)


Annual Editorial Index

An index of articles in Contemporary Pediatrics in 2004, by author and by subject.


CLINICAL TIP: Throat cultures: Same old story—with a happy ending


Clinical Tip: Cool way to make hot food edible


Getting England into shape: Is there a lesson for the States?

BY:Julia A. McMillan, MD

In November 2004, the British government announced a comprehensive campaign to address major health threats to the country's population. Their efforts raise a question: Where does the role of the physician stop and the responsibility of society begin?


Fever: Separating fact from fiction

BY:Janet Serwint, MD, Michael T. Crocetti, MD

Concern about fever can lead parents—and health-care providers—to overmonitor and overtreat this common symptom. Accurate advice to parents begins with a clear understanding of fever on your part.


DERMATOLOGY: What's your Dx? A private itch and pain: Disease or possible abuse?

BY:Bernard A. Cohen, MD, Jonathan D. K. Trager, MD

An 11-year-old girl reports that she has experienced genital itching and pain for several months. The pain is especially intense when she wipes herself after urinating.


PEDIATRIC PUZZLER: An unexpected turn in an adolescent's case of headache and vision loss

BY:William L. Risser, MD, PhD, Shih-Ning Liaw, MD

This 15-year-old girl does not appear to be in any acute distress, but her cautious gait reminds you of a person walking in the dark.


Behavior: Ask the Experts: A teenager finds pornography at her father's home

Q A 15-year-old girl in my practice routinely comes across pornographic materials at her father's house when she goes for a visitation (her parents divorced recently). She has asked her mother not to speak to her father about this because she doesn't want him to know she is snooping. What advice should I give the mother to deal with this uncomfortable situation?


Behavior: Ask the Experts: The names behind the advice

The editors of Contemporary Pediatrics thank the esteemed professionals who serve on our Behavior: Ask the Experts panel. At the start of this new year, we share their names with you.


Parent guide: A guide to sports participation after brain injury (PDF)


CLINICAL TIP: Go down, capsules!