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    9 opinions on your professional societies

    In the third annual Contemporary Pediatrics survey, many of you commented on the value—or lack of value—of the professional societies that you turn to for help. Here are 9 responses we received that offer both positive and negative views of these pediatric professional societies. Do any represent your feelings about your societies? Feel free to comment below and make your voice heard.



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    • Anonymous
      The AAP has an outrageous budget and staff. Previous inquiries for explanations have been ignored. It does little to support the livelihoods of its members. It is more of a profitable political organization that parrots popular, trendy topics but does little to advocate for its members.
    • Dr. Nancy H. Weres
      I agree 100%. I could never afford to join AAP. Now I belong to The American College of Pediatricians that actually uses science, not politics. If the AAP really cared about children, it would lower its publication and meeting costs.
    • Anonymous
      One society in particular has a remarkable conflict of interest and doesn't seem to serve the interests of its constituents. When you make money off of MOC Parts 2 and 4 and then refuse to intervene to make the MOC system better (e.g., cheaper, more educational, entirely online), then you're not really doing your job as a society that purports to represent pediatricians.
    • Dr. Nancy H. Weres
      I was born an raised on the South Side of Chicago. The AAP/ABP mafia should be prosecuted under the RICO law. MOC is what is called extortion, pay up or we break your legs. There alternative associations of medical specialties to the AMBS now without MOC. Oklahoma has banned MOC as a requirement for privileging in a bipartisan bill passed unanimously. I joined the American College of Pediatricians which does not condone politically motivated social experiments on children like AAP does. Get a backbone and walk away from AAP and ABP! Start acting like Americans, not serfs!
    • Anonymous
      Societies have always seemed to forget the private practitioner. None of their decisions or recommendations have helped with the day to day management of a practice. Now that more and more Pediatricians are working for someone else, that may change as there is power in numbers. I never saw my relationships with insurance or government improve because of organizational interface.
    • Dr. Nancy H. Weres
      The government and the insurance companies are not looking out for our children's best interests. As more insurance companies walk away from their secret illegal agreements with HHS and CMS, children will be left only with government medicine, like the seniors are now. Then the government, especially Democrats, will start demonizing physicians for not accepting their low payments. I have already overheard a Democrat pediatrician grumbling about sub-specialists not taking or limiting their Medicaid patients. Democrats are socialist ideologues, unschooled in economics, who religiously believe in a failed Utopia. In the twentieth century, ideologues attempting to implement socialism killed tens of millions of people, usually without remorse, and they have no remorse about the victims of Obamacare. Also realize that the current President has a senior adviser, Elijah Emmanuel (brother to Chicago's Rahm and Hollywood's Ari) who believes that money is wasted on treating people who will never be productive to society, especially the elderly and babies under two. The AAP, FDA, CDC, & ACIP have never publicized the dangers of DNA debris in vaccines and other drugs manufactured using human cell lines due to pressure from American pharmaceutical manufacturers who refuse to comply with WHO standards, the pro-abortion lobby and politicians, and some physicians' blind belief in government and themselves. Pediatricians who really care for American children must be leaders, and not leaders of organizations who have abandoned their original purpose, like the AAP and AMA. Children's hospitals and medical care need to be run by pediatricians working with national and local charity organizations who give vouchers to the needy and sponsor hospitals and clinics. This will save all the money now going to government and insurance company administration, which is billions. Americans give more money to charity than any other nation on earth and would be glad to help local children. The American pediatrician must return to a position of leadership in this country or be replaced by government robots.


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