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Factoring the metabolic X syndrome
Factoring the metabolic X syndromeAlthough there is debate surrounding the definition of metabolic X syndrome in pediatrics and there are few long-term studies of outcomes in children with metabolic syndrome, pediatric metabolic syndrome needs to be on the radar of all pediatricians interested in ensuring a healthy adult life for their patients.
Urolithiasis in children
Urolithiasis in childrenUrolithiasis occurrence is increasing in both adults and children in the United States, with nearly 1 in 11 adults having a stone at some time in their life. Unfortunately, stone occurrence in children also appears to have increased from 1% to 2% in the 1950s to 1970s to almost 10%.
Your peers on morale, money, and meddling
Your peers on morale, money, and meddlingExplore results from our annual issues and attitudes survey.
AAP 2016 Annual Conference Club
AAP 2016 Annual Conference ClubFor the 4th year, experts weigh in on key sessions from one of pediatrics premier gatherings. Here are highlights and insights on why they matter.
Red state, blue state: What the election may mean for kids
Red state, blue state: What the election may mean for kidsOne candidate favors reducing the government’s role in healthcare, the other increasing it. One candidate offers broad-brush proposals, the other detailed policy briefs. One candidate has spent years working on children’s welfare, the other has no public track record on it.
Special Opioid Coverage
Special Opioid CoveragePediatricians may not recognize the growing problem of opioid abuse in their communities. As a result, physicians need to carefully examine their prescribing practices.
Dyslexia: What you need to know
Dyslexia: What you need to knowMultiple issues may underlie a child's difficulty with reading proficiency, including poor early language development, inadequate instruction, insufficient reading practice, lack of background knowledge, and intellectual disability. In some children, however, the problem is the specific learning disability called dyslexia.
Infection control: “When can my child return to school?”
Infection control: “When can my child return to school?”Two common questions asked of pediatricians by parents are “When can my child return to school?” and “how long will I be staying home with my child?” Understanding when, how long, and under what conditions a pediatric patient with an infection is contagious to others is an important part of disease prevention and treatment.
Gluten-free diet: Not for all children
Gluten-free diet: Not for all childrenThe popularity of gluten-free diets continues to grow as people increasingly turn to diet as a way to manage copious symptoms from gastrointestinal disturbances, which can range from headaches to skin rashes, behavioral problems, and psychological difficulties.
Parenting & Pediatrics
Parenting & PediatricsWith more and more information being available to parents, it can be hard to ensure that parents are getting the correct guidelines and data for their kids. Here’s how to reach the graduates of Google University