Immunizations… A healthcare priorityAn array of challenging issues confronted by pediatric providers on a regular basis were presented and included, but were not limited to, best practices for migraine variants, sexually transmitted diseases, adolescent obesity, enuresis and encopresis, developmental hip dysplasia, alternatives to spanking, and the arduous task of breaking bad news to parents and families.
How to guide parents on mediaChildren are using mobile media more often and at early ages than ever before, and parents are unsure how to manage. A new study reveals that parents want more guidance from pediatricians on the best ways to expose their children to media.
Lost ASD diagnosis, now what?Children that lost their ASD diagnoses are often misdiagnosed early on or have their diagnosis changed as they develop, leading researchers to question the way in which ASD is diagnosed and treated.

Are you adequately screening for hunger?More than 20% of U.S. children lack adequate nutritious food, and most of their families make too much money to qualify for federal assistance. Find out how to screen patients for food insecurity and what you can do to help.
The weighty cost of added sugarA new study has found that the overall health of 43 obese children improved in just 10 days by reducing added sugar intake without changing their overall caloric intake or exercise levels.
Experts weigh in on conversion therapyIn the first ever consensus statement on conversion therapy for LGBTQ children, an expert panel cautions against the practice, calling it both ineffective and harmful.

AAP recommends Apgar score expansionAgpar scoring offers an useful initial assessment of a neonate’s physiological status and fetal to infant transition, but more data should be collected to adequately assess infants in distress that require additional interventions during the scoring period.
Practice Resources & FAQsOur practice resources frequently asked questions page seeks to answer any inquiry you may have related to professional practice.
Dangers of alcohol and first-time sex for teensAdolescents that pair alcohol with their first sexual intercourse are more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviors and suffer from long-term negative physical and emotional effects, according to a new report.
Preventing future CVD in childhoodMoving beyond intervention for diet and exercise, a new study out of Spain shows that incorporating health knowledge at the preschool level may help improve long-term cardiovascular health.