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John Jesitus
John Jesitus is a medical writer based in Westminster, CO.
Ruler is better than eye for pigment measure
Physicians should measure pigmented lesion diameter with a ruler rather than estimating via landmarks or the naked eye, a study shows.
Demand for dermatologic care increases in doctor-dense markets
Although collectively dermatologists are doing more, each dermatologist may be doing less in the higher quintiles.
Hemangiomas: Heart rate response versus clinical response
A retrospective study shows that early propranolol-induced heart rate reductions fail to predict clinical response of infantile hemangiomas.
Vascular malformations need clear diagnostic criteria
ISSVA clinical classifications aren't enough to accurately identify vascular malformation subtypes, according to a recent review.
Less isotretinoin monitoring?
The lack of serious laboratory abnormalities in patients on isotretinoin suggests that reduced monitoring may suffice.
Isotretinoin may ameliorate depression symptoms
Pooled meta-analysis does not support association between isotretinoin treatment for acne and worsening of depression.
Noninvasive contour choices
Choosing technologies for noninvasive body contouring depends on what areas they are approved to treat, the local competition and — where available — the data, say experts.
Cannula use pearls
Choosing between a needle or cannula for filler injections is largely a matter of individual preference, said live-injection experts at The Cosmetic Bootcamp (CBC) 2017. For safety and accuracy of filler placement, they chose cannulas for filling the lips, hands and periocular area.
Sirolimus may reduce refractory hemangiomas
mTOR inhibitor helps child with diffuse vascular anomalies and extensive organ involvement.
Vascular anomalies require team approach
Patients with vascular anomalies benefit from multidisciplinary treatment often involving propranolol and/or sirolimus.