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Stacy Frye, MD
Dr Frye serves as teaching faculty for the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, East Lansing. She also is a nonsurgical pediatric orthopedics and sports medicine physician in Grand Blanc, MI.
7 lower limb positional variations
7 lower limb positional variations
Concerns regarding the appearance of a child’s lower extremities are a common reason for visits to the pediatrician and a frequent source of orthopedic referrals. The aim of this article is to provide guidance on the diagnosis and management of 7 common lower limb positional variations in children and adolescents.
Opioids overshadow athletic injuries
In my practice, we are seeing patients and their families being increasingly interested in gaining a competitive edge with regard to athletics.One of the consequences of this is that our young athletes are running themselves down—pushing to be the best—at the cost of wear and tear on their bodies. Repetitive stress, fatigue, and poor technique lead to children suffering overuse injuries and put kids at risk for traumatic injury.
Care of the student athlete
Sports participation is on the rise among youth in the United States. As we continue to address childhood obesity, it is encouraging to see that the number of high school students playing sports has continued to increase yearly since 1983.
Juiced: What kids do to compete
Juiced: What kids do to compete
Pediatric sports and activity participation is on the rise. It is estimated that up to 45 million children are involved in some form of athletics.1 On the whole, exercise is something to be encouraged in today’s children, with benefits of improving physical fitness, increasing social interaction with peers, decreasing stress, achieving self-efficacy, and gaining experience in goal setting, teamwork, and commitment.