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Premium Content Preview | Physician sentiment starting to improve?
The Practice Profitability Index (PPI) provides an annual window into the issues affecting the financial and operational health of physician practices across the US. Reflecting input from more than 5,000 physicians, this third edition reveals how physicians expect practice profitability to trend in the year ahead, the top challenges they’re facing, and the key steps they're taking to shore up operations and boost financial results.
Premium Content Preview | The case for outsourcing chronic care management
In the year since the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) approved payments to support chronic care management (CCM), practices across the U.S. have been evaluating their options.
Premium Content Preview | Primary Care Group Boosts Profitability and Productivity with Integrated Solution
Atrinea Health needed modern, integrated software and revenue cycle management support to take its 15 providers and six locations to the next level of productivity and profitability. This is the story of why they chose to partner with CareCloud and how that decision quickly improved results
Premium Content Preview | 5 Must Track Metrics for Practice Profitability
Discover the five key data metrics that will help power your practice's financial success.
Premium Content Preview | How cloud security can protect patient data
Securing sensitive patient data presents its own set of challenges – even when medical groups enact their own policies that go beyond HIPAA minimums. Find out how to protect yourself and your patients
Premium Content Preview | 5 Pediatric Tech Trends Driving Practice Success
While an array of exciting technologies have emerged in recent years, we narrowed this list down to those with the greatest potential to boost the efficiency and profitability
Premium Content Preview | E-Book: Improving the ROI of your EHR
Achieving a ROI on technology investments can be difficult – and even more so in the case of Electronic Health Record (EHR) software.