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Jodi K Wenger, MD
Toilet training kids with ASD: Part 2
Like typical children, children with intellectual disabilities or autism will toilet train at different rates and with different strategies. For some families, this can be a frustrating and depressing time. Discussing the use of positive rewards and avoiding punishment will help these parents slowly make progress. Here is a detailed program to help patients achieve continence.
Toilet training kids with ASD: Part 1
Incontinence can be a common problem for children with significant developmental disabilities, impacting where they can go and who needs to go with them; leaving them at risk for neglect or abuse; leading to infections and poor skin health; even affecting vocational plans or future housing. Yet toilet training is still possible for these children.
Spina bifida: Top 10 things for physicians to know
The pediatrician's role is to support both the child with spina bifida and the family as they come to terms with this chronic illness. This article presents the 10 actions that are most important in preparing for and caring for a child with this complex health need.