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Tracy Schroeder Swartz, OD, MS, FAAO
Tracy Schroeder Swartz currently practices at Madison Eye Care Center in Madison, Alabama. She serves as Education Chair for the Optometric Council for Refractive Technology, and consults for industry. She specializes in anterior segment disorders, and being a mom to her 3 children.
How to combat stress in your life
I am sure we are all familiar with stress because I do not think you can become an OD without dealing with a large amount of it. In case you are not aware, stress is good in short doses. But large daily doses over years is bad.
Scary good tips to celebrate Halloween at the office
Scary good tips to celebrate Halloween at the office
Here are a couple of tips our practice uses to celebrate the Halloween fun safely and successfully.
Top 10 qualities of engineer patients
I live in Madison, AL, one mile from the Marshall Space Center, where all the kids go to space camp. My son has been there five times and can give you the full tour of the facility. I also live one mile from Redstone Arsenal, which I can tell you firsthand has cows and missiles on it.
Why patient education is bit like fortune telling
I saw a new patient today complaining of redness, itching, and burning. When asked how long she had been feeling these symptoms, she reported it had been since cataract surgery. She reported seeing her surgeon about her eyes and was told the surgery was successful and shown the door. That was nine months ago.
Why it’s OK to be bossy
Why it’s OK to be bossy
When I got out of school, I looked 15 years old. I had elderly patients leaving the practice so often, my employer actually framed my resume for people to read before they saw my face. I wore suits for the majority of my first 10 years in practice. I focused on children because they thought I was the babysitter.
Top 6 reasons to refer for cataract surgery
Top 6 reasons to refer for cataract surgery
A referral of your patient to a cataract surgeon seems straightforward. You refer when the vision is subjectively affected by lens opacification. But thinking out of the box will enable you to help your patients in ways you may not consider.
7 tips from a Yankee OD living in the South
The holidays always bring memories of my family. My mother was a Southerner, and my father was a Yankee. I did not realize how important that was until I completed my fourth-year externship under Paul Ajamian, OD (not Southern, for the record).
The best and worst parts of holidays as an OD mom
The holidays have arrived. Let me count the ways that I have a love/hate relationship with the holiday season as a doctor mom.
Why optometrists are awesome
I give you my “three cheers for optometry,” a list of ways optometrists can do great things.