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Andrew J Schuman, MD, FAAP
Dr Schuman, section editor for Peds v2.0, is clinical assistant professor of Pediatrics, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, Lebanon, New Hampshire, and editorial advisory board member of Contemporary Pediatrics.
Upgrade office triage to expedite care
This article describes how a mobile application, a “web widget,” and an office triage support tool can expedite and improve your existing office triage capabilities.
POC influenza testing: State of the art
With the introduction of point-of-care (POC) molecular assays, pediatricians can diagnosis influenza A and B during the office visit with sensitivity and specificity comparable to reference assays.
Watercooler wisdom: Patient satisfaction
My clinic is restructuring its physician compensation model, which has led to much consternation among my colleagues.
Disruptive technology and pediatric practice
Every few years I like to speculate about the future of medical technology as well as the future of pediatric practice. Both, you see, are very much intertwined, and in my view the future of pediatric practice looks very good indeed.
MOC reform: One year later
It’s been over a year since the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) announced its intentions to overhaul the maintenance of certification (MOC) process. In this reportorial article, Dr. Andrew Schuman brings you up-to-date with current MOC requirements and the changes likely to occur over the next year.
What’s new in baby tech
Many years ago, when my now-grown children were babies, we had the bare necessities for raising our young ones. Cloth diapers and diaper pins, plastic bottles and NUK nipples, and the all-important windup baby swing. Now decades later, parents have an assortment of high-tech gadgets to help raise their newborns.
Make pediatric practice great again!
I began the January 2016 Peds v2.0 article “Expediting medical documentation” by stating that my “theme” for this year’s articles is the “retaking” of pediatric practice for ourselves and our patients. I continue this discussion by borrowing a slogan from one of our presidential candidates, in the hopes that pediatricians can be motivated to implement needed reforms that will make practices more efficient, improve the care we provide to patients, and enhance the lives of pediatric providers.
Clinical thermometry: An update and review
When I opened my first practice in 1986, I was intrigued by an advertisement in Contemporary Pediatrics that caught my attention, and days later I was the proud owner of a FirstTemp tympanic thermometer.
Improve your practice with behavior evaluation and management portals
To continue our ongoing theme of “taking back” the practice of pediatrics for ourselves and our patients, I’d like to discuss utilizing behavior portals to facilitate the diagnosis of patients with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), developmental delay, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), as well as depression and anxiety.
Expediting medical documentation
Let’s begin our recovery of medical practice by discussing alternative ways of documenting office visits.