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Michael Rothschild, OD
Dr. Rothschild is the Director of Practice Management at Revolution EHR.
How to simplify in the optometry practice
Running an eyecare practice can be complicated.
4 steps to adjust staff salaries
“How do you give raises to your staff?” This is a common question among ODs. I have learned after several years of working with eyecare practices that we are all over the place in how we compensate our staffs.
Getting your staff off to a great start
One of the most stressful days in a person's life is the first day on a new job. If you remember the first day at your current job, you can probably remember the discomfort of walking into an unfamiliar place, not knowing where to put your stuff, and being nervous that you may have made a big mistake by accepting this job.
How patients perceive your practice
Many of the traditional descriptions we use for areas of our practices have become outdated. As things change in our practices, we tend to force new methods and techniques into old categories.
Build patient loyalty
An important aspect of any marketing program includes 2 primary aspects. First, and most obvious, is the need to attract new patients. This aspect of marketing includes everything that is done to make people aware of your practice and your services. It includes efforts put into brand recognition. Common aspects of focus in this area include search engine optimization, web page improvements, and traditional advertising.
Benefits of a staff retreat
Since I began my practice, I have made a habit of regular office retreats. Even in the early days, with a staff of 1, we found time to get away and talk about what we were trying to accomplish with the practice. And later, with 3 doctors and very full schedules, we continued to make it happen.
Training Doctors vs. Training Technical Skills
The structure of training an optometrist, or any other professional, is to start with a strong foundation of knowledge and build on that. This is designed to create a level of expertise and skill that can adapt to changes in the profession and acclimate to any situation in any system. Strong comprehension of the basics is crucial for this level of education.
Staff communication made easy
Working on communication each day helps the entire staff—including doctors— to improve. Committing to better communication and implementing a plan to make it happen are keys to success.
Strategic planning, goal setting bases practice success
A well-thought-out business vision provides you and your team with the inspiration and consistency needed to achieve extraordinary profitable and professional results.
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