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Jon Matthew Farber, MD
How to perform a better physical exam
There is a trend in internal medicine to get away from doing complete physical examinations on each visit, with a minimalistic approach to a healthy patient. I am not prepared to go that far just yet, but I have modified my examination in many ways over the years. Here are some gems I have unearthed.
Pearls from the trenches: Part 4
In his final installment of the series "Pearls from the trenches," Dr. Farber encourages pediatricians to think outside the box, to trust their "sixth sense" when it comes to treating patients, and always to look at what they are doing from the parents' and child's point of view.
Pearls from the trenches: Part 3
In this third of 4 articles, Dr Farber shares more wisdom gleaned from years of practice.
More pearls from the trenches
In my many years as a pediatrician, I have identified a number of “pearls,” or words of wisdom, that can help in the clinical setting.
Pearls from the trenches
Is it fact or fiction? In this first article of a new series, a pediatrician with years of practice experience offers his pediatric words of wisdom, or "mythbusters" as the case might be, about common childhood maladies.