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Barton D. Schmitt, MD
Dr. Schmitt is professor of pediatrics, University of Colorado School of Medicine, and Director of General Consultative Services, The Children's Hospital of Denver. He is also a member of the Contemporary Pediatrics editorial board.
Pediatric call centers fast-track urgent care
The first call center was introduced in 1988 as a uniquely pediatric innovation. This month’s article presents a brief history of call centers, discusses their advantages, and describes how they will improve patient care.
Toilet training problems: Underachievers, refusers, and stool holders
Toilet training done badly can lead to medical complications. This second of two articles describes in detail how to treat toilet training problems before they cause harm. Includes three Guides for Parents.
Toilet training: Getting it right the first time
Successful toilet training benefits both parent and child. A leading expert explains how to help parents through the training process and avoid pitfalls. Includes a Guide for Parents.
Two Problems: How can you treat them?
Q I have treated an 8-year-old boy and his 5-year-old sister in my practice for the past two years. They have always been healthy and seem to have good interactions with each other, their mother, and me when they are in the office. However, at a routine well-child examination, the boy's mother informed me of two concerns about her son and even broke down in tears when describing them.
Intractable Toilet Problem - Three approaches
Q My patient is an 8-year-old boy whose progress I have been following since he was born. For the past four or five years he has had only one behavior problem—but it is a severe one: He refuses to have his bowel movements on the toilet.