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Ilya Petrou, MD
Familial link of OM requiring tympanostomy tubes
A recent study found that there is a significant familial link in otitis media requiring tympanostomy tubes in both close and distant relatives, with shared environments possibly playing a role, given the fivefold increased risk seen in siblings.
Emergency airway management
Securing a child’s airway in an emergency setting can be challenging, and success here is dictated by a mosaic of factors such as clinician experience, appropriate instrumentation, and, importantly, the many anatomical and physiological considerations that differ significantly from the adult population.
ASPS' Fat Graft Task Force updates position on safety of autologous fat grafting
Although the plastic surgery world has been at odds with the issue of safety and fat grafting procedures with breast surgery, experts report today that there is no indication that fat grafting is an unsafe procedure.
Inert insert
French researchers have developed a titanium-coated silicone gel breast implant that may reduce capsular contracture in breast augmentation patients.
Ribbon rejuvenation
A recent study on a resorbable "ribbon" suspension device targeted to a younger patient population shows promising results for lifting the neck, lower and mid-face.
Feeding frenzy
The traditional approach to feeding a patient following full abdominoplasty is to wait until the patient has audible bowel activity to commence with the oral intake of food. But one recent study claims such patients can safely begin feeding immediately post-op, without an increase in the incidence of POI.
Bye-bye dry eye
Patients who undergo a blepharoplasty often complain of dry eye symptoms, which can be difficult and challenging to treat.
Value in 'vintage'
Although techniques to maximize aesthetic outcomes for addressing tear trough deformity are neither equally accepted nor universally adopted, a modified "vintage" technique seems to be safe and effective.
Striae solution
Many different therapies exist for striae alba, all demonstrating various degrees of effectiveness, but continuing research has borne a new technology that can effectively be wielded in its treatment.
Contouring complications
Obese patients who undergo body contouring surgery after MWL can have functional and aesthetic deformities corrected by body contouring procedures. However, a recent study shows that male gender, hypothyroidism and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome negatively affect aesthetic outcomes.