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Lisette Hilton
Lisette Hilton, president of Words Come Alive, has written about health care, the science and business of medicine, fitness and wellness for 25 years. Visit www.WordsComeAlive.com.
Multidisciplinary care improves patient outcomes
Multidisciplinary skin cancer care is an approach that might not only improve patient outcomes, but also professional satisfaction, researchers reported at AAD 2018 this week in San Diego.
Cold-Subfascial breast augmentation
While this modified technique demands surgical finesse, it can be used to shape the breast while avoiding some of the unwanted cosmetic effects that accompany breast augmentation.
Beyond the brow lift
If you perform cosmetic brow lifts, migraine surgery may be a natural addition to your surgical armamentarium.
The Breast Whisperer
New bra option for augmented breasts offers support and may help to prevent cleavage wrinkles.
Stem cell transplant offers long-term hope for severe scleroderma patients
An intensive stem cell transplant regimen achieved better survival as compared to cyclophosphamide treatment for patients with severe scleroderma, researchers report in the New England Journal of Medicine.
AD therapy linked to ADHD
All children, but healthy controls, had a higher likelihood of behavioral issues. ADHD symptoms of attention, hyperactivity and impulse control, were higher in AD children. Quality of life lower in affected children.
EB’s great hope
Pediatricians respond to the first successful gene therapy treatment for epidermolysis bullosa.
Widespread morphea treatment disparities signal need for guidelines
A survey of pediatric dermatologists and rheumatologists reveals wide variation in how patients with pediatric morphea are treated.
Pediatric psoriasis guidelines
PeDRA and NSP authors new consensus statement for pediatric psoriasis. Interdisciplinary care (dermatologist and pediatricians) is critical. Regular screening for common comorbidities is recommended.
Yoga for a younger face
Can facial exercises really improve tone, firmness and shape?