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Although there is debate surrounding the definition of metabolic X syndrome in pediatrics and there are few long-term studies of outcomes in children with metabolic syndrome, pediatric metabolic syndrome needs to be on the radar of...
Urolithiasis occurrence is increasing in both adults and children in the United States, with nearly 1 in 11 adults having a stone at some time in their life. Unfortunately, stone occurrence in children also appears to have increased...
Explore results from our annual issues and attitudes survey.
For the 4th year, experts weigh in on key sessions from one of pediatrics premier gatherings. Here are highlights and insights on why they matter.
One candidate favors reducing the government’s role in healthcare, the other increasing it. One candidate offers broad-brush proposals, the other detailed policy briefs. One candidate has spent years working on children’s welfare, the...
Pruritic vesicles erupt on a boy’s legs

A healthy 12-year-old boy with eczema shows up at the office with an incredibly itchy rash on his legs that has exploded ...

Infant with failure to thrive and ...
Itchy blisters bother a 12-year-old girl
Tight, shiny membrane encases ...
Updated guideline for “brief ...

A recently published 2016 guideline by the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends replacing “apparent life-threatening ...

How to manage pediatric celiac disease
Treatment of opioid use disorder
Why parents spank their children
Mental health services in primary care

Integrating mental health services within the primary care setting would help to provide continuity of care and benefit a ...

Improve your practice: Patient visits
Improve your practice: Facilitate ...
Watercooler wisdom 2: Preventing ...


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A medical home far away from home

Pediatricians know that coordination and advocacy work. What happens, however, when we are faced with complex cases in ...

Bridging the gap
Treating obesity at ground zero
The diaper bank concept
Improve your practice: Patient visits

In this month’s article, Dr. Andrew Schuman focuses on improving the office visit experience for your young patients. By ...

Top 10 apps for pediatrics
Improve your practice: Facilitate patient access
Best tech for pediatrics: 2016
Journal Club
Eye on Washington
National snapshot of childhood obesity

The last year or so has given the nation mixed pictures on childhood obesity, with plenty of challenges ahead.

Time for renewed dialog on vaccines
Trump nominates new leader for CMS
Cures Act covers vaccines, ACIP, and more
MOC Blog
MOC reform: One year later

It’s been over a year since the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) announced its intentions to overhaul the maintenance ...

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