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Type 1 diabetes accounts for over 90% of diabetes in children and adolescents worldwide, and it is estimated that about 78,000 young persons are diagnosed annually.
Despite significant advances in asthma research and care, the burden of asthma remains high. This article will review a number of different aspects of asthma care that impact the pediatrician.
February’s Special Report focuses on the troubling trend to legalize and decriminalize recreational and medical marijuana and the risks to children and adolescents from the marketing and media hype surrounding “weed.”
With newborn hearing screening mandated in all states, the pediatrician has seen a profound reduction in the age when hearing loss is identified and advances in treatment that now allow treatment at very early ages.
The annual round-up of sessions presented at the AAP Annual Conference, plus expert commentary on why these topics matter.

Transgender kids: At greater risk of poor mental health?

Despite earlier studies that reveal increased depression an anxiety in transgender children and adolescents, new research ...

9 opinions on your professional societies
Collaborators for change
War on superbugs isn't over
CDC updates guidance on Zika virus

Shortness of breath in a teenaged girl

A previously healthy, 16-year-old Guatemalan girl presents to the emergency department (ED) with a 1-month history of ...

Infant’s finger has a fast-growing ...
Toddler with blistering acrodermal rash
Unusual skin lesion in a teenaged boy

Why acute otitis media prevalence is ...

Researchers say efforts to improve breastfeeding and vaccination rates, and reduce infants’ exposure to cigarette smoke ...

AAP offers guidance on neonatal pain ...
Nutrition guidelines crack down on ...
USPSTF expands recommendations for ...

Don’t worry, your kids will make ...

Much has been written about whether physicians in practice would recommend that their children pursue a career in ...

Primary care best equipped to ...
Is a cash-based model right for you?
Telemedicine empowers patients, but ...


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Bridging the gap

Brainstorming with others on our medical team, we sought to bridge the gap between hospital and MH for our pediatric ...

Learning to care for mental health
Coding grief

Make pediatric practice great again!

I began the January 2016 Peds v2.0 article “Expediting medical documentation” by stating that my “theme” for this year’s ...

Clinical thermometry: An update and review
Improve your practice with behavior evaluation and ...
Expediting medical documentation

Journal Club

Eye on Washington
CMS proposes Medicaid change

A good part of the healthcare finance community in Washington is waiting for the reworking of Medicaid and Children’s ...

Why the jump in SSI benefits for kids?
‘No child left behind’ catches up
Vaccinating moms to protect babies

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MOC in Haiku

Clearly, we touched a nerve when we invited you to put pen to paper to channel your feelings about the Maintenance of ...

MOC reform: Latest developments

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