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When and how to use rapid testing for influenza
A child’s cancer diagnosis presents psychosocial issues that the community pediatrician needs to assess and treat for the total well-being of the child, siblings, and parents.
What do patients and their families really understand about their healthcare and what can pediatricians do about it?
A therapy dog program at a children’s hospital provides comfort for pediatric patients and families facing the unfamiliar and a sense of normalcy that makes a frightening hospital experience less so.
The premise is to use a patient’s own genetic information to guide decisions for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease and other health conditions.
In-depth coverage of the 2017 American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois.
Neonate with bilateral breast ...

A 10-day-old female infant presented to the clinic for a weight check. She was feeding well, but her mother was concerned ...

Baby boy bleeds into neck hemangioma
Child with abnormal eye lesions
New violaceous nodules in a neonate
Is the end of evidence-based ...

Dr. Bass’ recent article in Contemporary Pediatrics, “Personalized medicine, right drug, right patient, right time,” ...

Effects of body modification are ...
Updated clinical guidelines for ...
Alternative medicine guidelines get ...
CP Blogs
Why addiction change shouldn’t come ...

Action on substance misuse is too important to leave to politicians.

How to help parents cut healthcare costs

The cost of healthcare can be overwhelming for patients’ families. Here are ways to cut parents’ out-of-pocket medical ...

Be a health literacy catalyst
Best tech for Pediatrics: 2017
Safety first: How to avoid missteps ...


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The breath of life: Helping babies ...

The first breath is the single most important moment in anyone’s life. It is when life outside the womb truly begins, the ...

Four strategies cut newborn readmissions
Best tech for Pediatrics: 2017

It’s time for Dr. Schuman’s annual year-end review of the new tech that’s changing how pediatricians care for children. ...

Safety first: How to avoid missteps when prescribing ...
Restore “honest” medicine
Pediatric office paper chase: Revisited!
Eye on Washington
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MOC Blog
MOC: A view from the trenches

One physician says the time to protest MOC mandates is now.

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