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Two common questions asked of pediatricians by parents are “When can my child return to school?” and “how long will I be staying home with my child?” Understanding when, how long, and under what conditions a pediatric patient with an...
The popularity of gluten-free diets continues to grow as people increasingly turn to diet as a way to manage copious symptoms from gastrointestinal disturbances, which can range from headaches to skin rashes, behavioral problems, and...
With more and more information being available to parents, it can be hard to ensure that parents are getting the correct guidelines and data for their kids. Here’s how to reach the graduates of Google University
Type 1 diabetes accounts for over 90% of diabetes in children and adolescents worldwide, and it is estimated that about 78,000 young persons are diagnosed annually.
Despite significant advances in asthma research and care, the burden of asthma remains high. This article will review a number of different aspects of asthma care that impact the pediatrician.
February’s Special Report focuses on the troubling trend to legalize and decriminalize recreational and medical marijuana and the risks to children and adolescents from the marketing and media hype surrounding “weed.”

Hyperpigmentation around a teen’s eye

An adolescent girl is referred by her pediatrician to dermatology for evaluation of a birthmark on her face.

Boy with fever, cough, and oral lesions
Vesicular rash in an infant with eczema
Hypothermia and emesis in a newborn

Why parents spank their children

A new poll found that about a quarter of parents spank, but most believe it’s not a very effective punishment. Instead, ...

Latest recommendations for pediatric ...
Hypoglycemia guidelines: AAP vs PES
AAP updates guidelines for random, ...

CP Blogs
On the AAP's latest clinical ...

I want to commend the new Clinical Report, “Suicide and Suicide Attempts in Adolescents,” issued by the American Academy ...

Sexting, dignity, and what we can ...
Why isn't mental health viewed ...

Top 8 tips to reboot your practice

With all the pressures facing independent practices—from adjusting to value-based payments to meeting the growing demands ...

Obamacare is severely holding DPC ...
Are educated patients good for medicine?
Tips on how to talk to patients ...


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Bridging the gap

Brainstorming with others on our medical team, we sought to bridge the gap between hospital and MH for our pediatric ...

Learning to care for mental health

Disruptive technology and pediatric practice

Every few years I like to speculate about the future of medical technology as well as the future of pediatric practice. ...

MOC reform: One year later
What’s new in baby tech
Make pediatric practice great again!

Journal Club

Eye on Washington
FDA revamps nutrition facts label box

In May 2016, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the revamping of the rules for the “nutrition facts” ...

Update: Medicaid mandates are now final
Pediatric drug voucher program moves through Congress
CMS proposes Medicaid program change

MOC Blog
MOC in Haiku

Clearly, we touched a nerve when we invited you to put pen to paper to channel your feelings about the Maintenance of ...

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